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Fun day today, did two gnarly jobs in the 102 degree heat.

1 - Put a new rear headrest retractor and headrest in. Only problem here is that I hadn't taken the seat apart before so wasn't aware that the PO had not only taken out the retractor, but had removed the cable that links the recliner to the retractor. I ordered the replacement cable, but it means I'll have to take the seat apart again very soon. Now I know how to do it I should be able to do the whole thing in about 30 mins. At the same time I'll probably remove the springs from both retractors. In case anyone ever needs to know the bolts to attach the retractor to the seat frame are metric m6, I used m6 x 10mm.

2 - Replaced the seat back frame for my driver's seat. This was the easiest way to get my recline to work. That was NOT an easy job. I have the side airbag which definitely added some complexity, but the job as a whole is gnarly. The trickiest bits were getting the recline handle off (it was rusted into place), getting the headrest guides out, bolting the airbag back into place (the new frame had some very sharp edges, so I left a lot of my blood in the foam on the seat, and worst of all was getting the upholstery back on the seat.

That was a good 4 hours spent on those jobs, but overall it was fun, and very satisfying to get them done properly and a driver's seat that reclines properly and to able to safely transport 2 people in the back.

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