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Seat Swap

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Ive searched all over the internet and cant find an answer. Ive got set of seats out of an 02 GC overlander that has the heated seat option and also got the heated seat switches. Is it as simple as wiring the switch to power then to the seat or is there more involed that I dont know about. Last thing I want is a fire. Any help would be appreciated. Or should I just.not worry bout the heat part?
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its a jeep..why heat a seat in the best off road rig ever?
my fathers car has heated seat and i can understand that in his car because its an avalon but why waste time with seat heaters when u can get a old school water bottle heater and sit on that
i use a lot of boot warmers sometimes to make my gf not complain cabout the cloth seat being cold
You hit nail on the head with the gf comment! She complains about it being cold with the top down. Plus would be kinda nice after a cold hunt to just turn on the seats and not fire the Jeep up.
well the heated seats personally for me relax my back muscles after a 14 hour shift in the steel foundry. I love heated seats. id still get some waterproof seat covers if you switch but yea, just wire it to power with the appropriate size fuse inline.
you should be able to just wire them up, make sure to use a fuse-able link or tie into the fuse panel. I would tie into an ignition triggered power source because yes it would be nice to turn them on without the key in, but also... not so much if you forget.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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