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well my stock seats on my 95 are starting to go and will soon be in the market for some new ones. I want to eventually put in a harness system so i will need to get seats that are compatibly with those.... Do you guys have any that you recommend that are easy enough to clean? I thought about looking and seeing if they make any for like race boats, they'd have to be waterproof and im sure would be harness compatible. Other than those all i can think of is those plastic ones, but im not sure how comfortable those would be.

Any thoughts?
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@ 95yamjam---- what about them being water proof?
Cavalier seats are great, but they're fabric. You can get seat covers by Cover King for them that are waterproof though. Their Neosupreme is pretty awesome and doesn't fade like regular neoprene.
Thats exactly what i'm doing. Seems like the best option for the money.
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