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Ok let's get started with jeep history. My jeep is automatic and has 35" tires and I got it stuck in water in 2004, water got in the transmission and had to get it rebuilt. After getting it fixed I got on the highway and it blew after about an hr. Got it towed and they fixed it again for free. Same story got on the highway and almost same spot tranny blew. By this time transmission shop was annoyed and charged half and installed a transmission cooler, they also said the tires were too big (haha). Fast forward to 2016 when I got the jeep back from my father who probably put 5k miles on it in the past 11 yrs. I've been going through it and noticed a leak around the pan and cooler tubing so I took it for free inspection at a transmission shop. They confirmed its leaking from both oil pan and transmission pan and the cooler tubing. Now my questions

1) I want to install a temp gauge and if I'm going to be dropping the pan to replace the gasket where can I find a pan with a bung already installed?

2) the transmission cooler is not hooked up to the radiator it is straight from the transmission. No idea why it is this way as it was put on in 2004 and I was 18 not knowing anything but the technician said its wrong. He said my radiator may have been leaking water/coolant into my transmission fluid at that it why it's bypassed. Anyway to test this before I buy a new radiator or just hook it up the correct way?

3) none of these leaks leave drops on the garage floor it more of a slight seepage. Should I even bother with the oil pan its $$$ and sounds like a PIA (This jeep is not a daily driver and will be mostly trailered to trails)
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