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Got it!

Got it figured out. The belt adjustment IS the idler wheel.

Loosen the bolt in front of the idler wheel (15mm)

Then turn the adjusting bolt (approx 11:00 position from power steering pump) also 15mm

Right hand turn, tightens belt
Left hand turn, loosens belt

The long adjusting bolt was just rusty and hard to turn. After squirting a little penetrating oil on the threads everythings turned great! Thanks.

Bought a new Chilton manual. It is practically worthless.
I think this info could easily get lost and is 100% accurate info as it relates to adjusting the serpentine belt on a YJ (it is exact on my 95 YJ 2.5). Thanks to the original poster for submitting this, because if you try and turn the adjusting bolt without loosening the bolt on the idler wheel, you'll strip the threads on the bolt, and then you are sol. I wasn't smart enough on my own to figure it out, but by following dboxjeep's post, it works exactly as posted.
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