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I have 06 wrangler tj X and I have issues with the drive belt assembly after the idle pulley bolt broke on me twice I decided to replace the tensioner the idler and the belt. previous thread:

the belt I got was DAYCO 6PK2240 and when I installed it with the new CROWN tensioner and the mark on the tensioner was really close to 1 despite the new tensioner and belt.

Now, exactly 3 mounts after, the tensioner making bad sounds when it's bouncing and it's ain't going up and down smooth as its should.
so my plan is to replace it with a new one (got a warranty on that part) and my question is should I get a new serpentine belt too?
I saw there is another serpentine belt size (2238 ) it's a bit smaller and should make the tensioner close to the 2 mark.
what is the right size? 2240 or 2238?

thanks ahead for all the comments !!!
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