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Getting used to my new to me 2010 JKU, and probably need to do an oil change soon as I am not sure when the PO did it last. I am sure there is probably a large debate somewhere on here about everyone's preferred oil, but is there a good go to brand Jeep owners use, and or should I use synthetic, a blend, or just standard? I searched and did not find anything sort of thread, assumed it would have been in the sticky for common questions. Any suggestions would be great.

So I am always on craigslist and other market places looking for take offs that might work. Not entirely sure what works from all the different years. I know the JKs span from 2007-2017, but there were differences between (assuming mainly cosmetics and interior) 2007-2010 and 2011-2017.

Second question, are there compatibility part issues between the 2007-2010 and 2011-2017 JKs, aside from interior differences? I know wheels work, does suspension all work, like take offs from any of these years?

Third question, is there a good thread somewhere, i tried searching the forum as well and saw a couple but nothing really details on what JL parts are compatible on the JKs. So I know the wheels aren't exact but work for the most part (Lug bolts are different, I think), I have seen that the front bumpers should fit, but not the rear, stuff like that. Do the fender flairs or whatever they are called fit?
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