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Shock Mounting bracket - upper rear passenger side

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1988 JY frame : The forum search revealed that plenty of folks have needed the rear passenger side Upper Rear Shock Mounting Bracket to be replaced.

Is this a welding job?
If yes, what is the cost and where can you get this done ?
Will the chain muffler shops have this capability?

I was looking at trying to get OEM replacement.
So far , I found DORMAN brand , PN # 924-413 ,list price $29.99.
It does not look to be a perfect match, though the website
says : " exact match".

Can anyone provide their experience with pricing , parts ?

I feel ignorant in the welding dep't.
My plan was to grind the area to clean metal , drive to the weld shop , hand them the new mounting bracket and wait for it.

Is this realistic?
How long does a welding job like this take?
Hope that the frame is still solid .
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It is a job that requires welding. Most muffler shops only have light duty welding setups for welding exhaust. Welding onto a frame requires a larger welder. If you prep the area (clean shiny metal with no paint or grease) you will save time and money. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to setup and weld the bracket but expect to be hit with a minimum charge of an hour. You will have to do some research on prices in your area.

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Thank you Mowrangler.

I did not know the differences between muffler shop welding and heavy duty welding.
I will follow your guidance to get clean, shiny metal surface prep work done in advance.
Thanks for the guidance of approx half hour weld time.

Does anyone have suggestions for replacement Mounting Bracket?

The $25 DORMAN bracket 924-413 does not look like it is the same as OEM.
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