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Trail update???

Today, 2/4/12
Was on the way to Shoe Creek coming in from Coffee Town Rd end (off Rt 60) Was going to cut across the Mtns to Shoe Creek :D

About 2-mi away from the lower entrance to Shoe Creek, we met a "local". He said he did not suggest us trying the lower section to Shoe Creek as it was now "un-passable"!

He suggested we go around and come in from the Crab Tree Falls Trail, then get on the Shoe Creek Trail till we got to the section where the "Appalachian Trail crosses and where you see 4 or 5 large brown poles in the ground and at that poit turn around and head back, which we did.

The part of Shoe Creek we ran is certainly in FAR worse shape than we remember it, from about 18-mo ago. VERY disappointed!

Did see folks camping along Crab Tree Fall Trail!

Thought we would pass this on!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts