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shopping: Differential Cover

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Smashed the bottom face of my rear differential cover and yoke on some rocks this weekend. The yoke recieved some scratches but the cover took an XL jawbreaker dent to it. The truck (06 rubicon) drives fine but now has slow leak. About one drip per hour. I want to replace the cover with something more rock proof. What is strong and what is trash?
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Check out the cover made by T&J Performance. They start with the OE cover but add an impressive amount of reinforcement at the bottom to make it nearly bulletproof. I ran one on my previous TJ and miss it.

Call them, I just checked their website which currently has a virus on it. :eek:

1002 W Collins Ave, Orange, CA 92867
Phone: (714) 633-0991

Currie also has them... While it says for the front Dana 44, it'll fit the rear too. It's especially good for the front since its design clears the tie rod without problem.

They also make one for the front Dana 30.

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That looks like a heavy duty cover. personally when I changed mine I bought a G-3 aluminum reinforced/finned/extra capacity cover with a bottom drain. It is probably is not as strong as the one above-but I don't get into rocks as much either. I really wanted the drain too. I figure every other time to change gear oil-I will take cover off and inspect.Those in times in between are sooo easy though.
The biggest problem with aftermarket diff covers is clearance. They are big and fat, and like to smash into the track bar in front, and the gas tank in the rear. If you don't want to run into massive clearance problems, then run a Barnett cover, a bolt on lower skid (like Warn), or stick with the stock diff cover.
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