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Been working on this over the past year and a half when I bought it. Did a little chopping of the finders to prepare for the stretch kit. I'll post pictures as the build comes along. This Jeep is a daily driver. Should have build done with I. The next few months. Following parts are going to be added.

RK X-Factor 5.5 102" stretch
RK shocks
Genright Alien gas tank
Teraflex speed bumps
Poison Spyder comp cut body armor
Adams Drive starts 1350
Altus 2 4:3 ratio transfer case I know I might be missing a few things but will add later ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1454271217.613396.jpg ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1454271232.537617.jpg ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1454271244.827016.jpg ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1454271260.117914.jpg ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1454271277.613473.jpg ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1454271296.338730.jpg
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