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Shortcuts to pulling the stock radio?

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Can someone tell me the best way to get to the back of the radio? i want to install an ipod kit but an unsure how to get to the back of the radio.

'06 TJ
497 miles!

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Pulling the radio is not hard - remove the ashtray (push down the little spring clip till it falls out) and the cover on the top of the dash for the defroster duct (pull it our, or genly pry it). This will reveal 3 screws - 1 behind the ashtray, and two underneath the cover. Remove them, and give the center bezel a good quick tug - it'll come right out. After that - two more screws will be holding in the radio. remove them and pull it out.

Otherwise - you could try reaching behind it via the glovebox (remove the door obviously)

I knew it woold be easy once I discovered how! thanks again.
I just changed mine last weekend, its as easy as Jeepcrawler98 stated. 5 minutes and you're good to go!
What kind of unit did you get? I have been looking for something that I can plug my ipod into and get great sound. I have heard that the i-trip and things with the radio station dial are horrbile.
those thing sound as good as a radio staion. You can get an adapter that will tie into your factory radio and will give you a set of RCAs, you can then get an adapter from RCA to 3.5mm (I think) that will plug into your ipod. Any Best Buy, Circuit city should carry these in stock
Honestly I think that the best stereo adapters for your ipod are the simple cassette tapes that have a cord coming off of them. No radio interference and it goes straight to the speakers. I love mine and they're cheap!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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