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side mounted exhaust

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when i was drivin down 85 to the atl i saw this TJ with the exhaust comin out of the side under the passenger. do u guys know anywhere to buy this or do u think they fabed it? thanks
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I was also thinking about this.. the only negative i can think of it is if you drive in rocks it may hit... I am thinking about it though since it will eliminate 6-7 ft of pipes...

I'm still trying to decide if i should go 3 or 2.5" tubing though and what muffler.. magnaflow or flowmaster...

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Any muffler shop can do that for you.

if you do rocks then this is ridiculous. the first time you come down on a rock your exhaust tip will be flat

triple, 2.5" would be a good tubing size. if you even want to upgrade it. stock tubing is fine also. i think flowmaster sounds a lot better. magnaflow sounds like a car and you can't even hear it. sounds like a sport exhaust like whats on a luxury car like an infinity. just listen to the magnaflow clip on magnaflows website.
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