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A few photos from my trip in the Sierras last week. Not a lot of "action shots" since I was by myself and prefer to enjoy the trip vs. stop on a trail to shoot the Jeep (or often too sketchy to do so). Nice scenery, though!

Camped at Little Grass Valley Reservoir.

Trails I ran:

* Poker Flat/Howland Flat (very fun, historic)
* Cleghorn Bar (fun, beautiful meadows, ended at Feather River)
* Sierra Buttes (now I remember why I really don't like shelf roads...where are my clean shorts?)
* Gold Lake/Deer Valley (just wow all around)

Mostly green/blue difficulty for my Rubicon w/ 3" lift/35's, with a few spots that were what I'd consider black/difficult. Cleghorn in particular was harder than it was described to me but only broke a sweat on the way down a few times. Going up was much easier.

A few more photos:
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