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Howdy all.
Since it is such a recurrent question, I'd like to propose a sticky on the topis of "Whats the biggest that'll fit my ____"
To keep the minds out of the gutter, I mean:

Whats the tallest/widest tire that'll fit my unlifted :
CJ ?
YJ ?
TJ 31x10.5
JK 33x12.5 (if Ive read correctly)

Theoretically, it'd be cool to also consolidate data as to:
Factory standard tire size
Max with 1" lift
Max with 2" lift
Max with 3" lift

I know all that ifo is scattered through out the thousands of threads, but I also know most folks are a lazy (energy conservative) as I am and would probably just ask rather than search the bagillion different terms related to the topic.

I just figured a sticky would keep the most frequently asked questions near the top.


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I think Jeep forum already has a sticky like this for each section I wanna say.

If you take a saw to sheetmetal, or high line kit, or mc fenders there is no telling what you can run on stock suspension. On stock suspension you can run 35's using MC fenders.
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