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Idk why you pulled the yoke off. I just pulled the driveshaft at the axle. As far as bleeding goes, it does take a little time. Just be sure you dont let the master go dry or it's ack to square one again. The instructions with the kit I used said to pump the clutch at least 20 times to get it to bleed. They weren't kidding either. Once it got a little pedal to it, it bled out easily. Did you check your clutch, pressure plate and flywheel while you had it apart? Also did you get a look at your rear main seal. If you have a 2.5l it's a one piece and the only way to change it is to pull it all apart again. For me it was worth being proactive and doing it all since it was apart. I don't like having to do the same job twice.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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