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2 nights ago I drove my 2014 JKU a short distance and the clutch felt “off” i can best describe it as having very little resistance, but it still went in and out of gear (less than one mile trip).

this morning, I went to start it while in 1st and the vehicle lunges forward and I cannot change gears with the vehicle running.

by reading the forum, it seems as if this describes the slave cylinder. I didn’t notice any big leak, looking underneath there may have been a little fluid around the bolts for the slave, but no puddles. (It was 5 am and I was irritated at this point and had to figure out another way to get to work).

I have read through some of the DIY for replacing the slave and it seems easy enough. Should I go ahead and replace the clutch master cylinder while I’m at it? That job looks a little more involved but doable before I have to call a tow truck.

thanks in advance?
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