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Slight Vibration at Higher RPM

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I have a slight vibration I have been noticing at rpm's over about 2300 or so. You can feel it in the shift lever. It doesn't increase because of road speed, but shows up at about that rpm in each gear (5 speed 4.0L). I'm wondering about transmission or transfer case. Any ideas?
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I'm interested because the same thing happens to mine. Do you have a lift? I do and always blamed it on driveline vibes. Hoping the sye/ds will solve it.
I thought about that, and it would make sense if the vibes were coming based on road speed (how fast the driveshaft is turning), but it's not. I get the same vibe in 1st or 2nd gear at about 2300 rpm at 20 mph as I do in 5th gear at 60 mph.

I know there is a chain in the transfer case, but I'm not sure how it interacts with the other components as far as if it drives or is driven in two wheel drive; But that is kind of what this vibe feels like.

To answer your question, I do have a 4" lift with a dropped tc skid plate. Haven't done the SYE yet, but my driveline angles all look good.
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