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ok i have a 87 wrangler today in the mail i got my last part for my project

things i have
super short sye
cv driveshaft
extended brake lines
6 to 9in skyjacker shocks
pitman arm drop
8in shackles
35in 12.5 tires
ford 8.8 rear and front axles with 3.55 gears
91 for explorer rims
1.5 add a leaf

so the thing i want to ask is just for some tips and problems that i might run in to when i do the soa and covert the axles to the ford 8.8 i herd that its hard or not possible to attach the cv wrangler saft to the rear and other things liek that and i just want to know what im lookin to get myself into and any pointer on what to do or what more to get befor i start the project

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if you are doing a SOA what are the 8'' shackes for?

the SOA is going to give you 7'' of lift with those leafs and thats enough to clear your 35's. i had an 8.8 in the rear of my CJ and ran it for a while and it worked great, if you have access to the explorer that you pulled parts off of you sould take the flange off of the rear drive shaft of it, so you can use it on your CJ's drive shaft that will save you some time and money.

you will have to move the spring perches out a little more and make sure that you have a good pinion angle front and rear. also you might as well invest in a shackle reversal kit in the front so that you can help eliminate the infamous death wobble problems that may occure. and then while your there you might as well add some sort of trac-bar in the rear to reduce axle wrap. there are all sorts of litle things that you may encounter that need to be dead on. Remember its your vehicles suspension and you trust it to keep you and whoever your with safe on road and off so take your time and make sure that it is done right the first time.

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