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Soft Top--Framed or Unframed

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I am brand new to the Wranger Forum. My husband has had several Jeeps, but recently bought a 2013 4 Door, hard top. I would like to get him a soft top for his birthday, but I'm sort of clueless as to what would fit his needs.

A friend of mine directed me to this site and to ask the "experts" here. He knew there were two kinds of soft tops for his Jeep (a TJ?) but wasn't sure about our model. Here is where you guys (and gals) come in.

We do not have a garage so removing the top becomes a bit of a hassle in the Summer. Every time there is a slight chance of rain, the top goes back on. And that's not exactly infrequent in my area of the world in Ohio. We need something that will protect us (and the Jeep) from a little rain, but will be putting the hard top on for the duration of the winter months.

So here are my main questions: do I have options as far as framed vs. unframed soft tops for our model? If so, which would you guys suggest?

Thanks a bunch,
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If you want the top to go completely down and still be with the Jeep, you pretty much need to go with a factory style top (Bestop Supertop in above post or OEM factory top).

From what I found out while searching, all of the frameless tops are designed to open up, but not fold down and cannot be stored in the back of the Jeep (in case the rain comes in).

Your only other option is this: :thumb:

Rugged Ridge Power Top - SEMA - YouTube

I personally bought a used Factory top on Craigslist for mine.

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The two most popular are the Trektop NX, and the Supertop NX/Mopar factory top.

Bestop makes the factory top, so the Supertop NX is basically the factory soft top.

6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. Can't really go wrong....but the Supertop NX/factory top can stay with you.

A lot of people buy new-in-box factory take-off tops on Craigslist. You just have to make sure you get ALL the parts, especially the brackets.
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