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Hey so I've had my jeep for a little under a year, 2002 TJ. The previous owner had a hard top and a soft top. The hard top had only been taken off once and the soft top has never been installed. I took the top off quite a bit last summer but got tired of putting the hard top back on. So I decided to try and put the soft top on last fall. No success. Over the winter the previous owner came across the door surrounds, so I just got those on. Last fall I had mounted the soft top to the pivot brackets using whatever screws from the hardware store as I wasn't given any. I think I used m-5s or something. They didn't want to go in since the threads are free spinning to allow pivoting. Anyways I finally got them in but they came out a week later. Are the screws that im supposed to use anything special? Like do they have a certain tip? What thread size are they? Do you know where I can buy them if they are anything special? I already have the pivot brackets. I just need the screws in this picture that mount the soft top bars to the roll bars. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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