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Since I have drawn so much from the members of this Forum, I thought it was time to contribute. I hope a repair service recommendation does not violate the rules of this form.

For anyone in Houston who has had an issue with the zipper on your soft top rear window, and cannot fix it yourself, or have been told you need to go to an upholsterer, I strongly recommend seeing Joe Kennedy at Advanced Auto Trim; they're in North Houston and can be found in the book or on a Google search.

My authorized dealer wouldn't touch the off track zipper, and told me to find an upholsterer, who would likely have to cut the zipper from the window and sew on a new one. Called Advanced Auto Trim and took it by. The owner looked at it, and asked me to pull the Jeep into the shade, they worked the zipper free and re-zipped it; it is as good as new. Had to fight him to let me pay something for the job, which took 15 minutes.

If any of you Houstonian Jeep owners have a problem with their soft tops or upholstery, you all need to see this guy, an old fashioned shade tree professional artisan.
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