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some tips on use of rigid gray gasket maker for diff cover install

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I have two Terraflex D44 diff covers on the way for my 2016 Rubicon.

Planning to use gray rigid gasket maker for the seal.

But a few questions remain:

  1. How thick of a bead should I use - some concern about too much and it being inside the diff.

  • How long should I wait to be sure its fully cured - i.e. before I refill diff with oil (I am in Seattle day temps in the 50's

  • Should I torqe the diff cover all the way down as soon as I put it on? I've heard some say to snug up and wait a few hours to torque it down

  • Should I use thread lock on the bolts that hold diff cover on?

  • Where is a good source for torque setting for the JK

Thanks for your help
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just follow the instructions on the tube. I use permatex gray it is like 1/8" bead. you let it skin over than put the cover on. I put the bead on the diff but some put it on the cover. I let it dry over night and never in 40 years have I had a leak. I put a bead on both sides of the bolt holes if that makes sense.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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