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Soon to be wrangler owner!

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Hi guys, I am new to the site and the jeep world. I am in south florida and recently purchased a wrangler and have given it to fortec in fort lauderdale to work on. when I get it back I would love to go offroading. Where I live there isn't even a dirt road to have fun on. I'd love to hear from you guys about any places near Boca Raton to get my jeep dirty. I know that I can offroad in the everglades but that requires a very long list of permits and it is hours away from me and I would be scared to break something and end up stranded.
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Welcome to the forum! If going offroad, go with another jeep... Preferably one with a winch :) especially in the everglades.
Im out in the glades all the time. My winch has saved my arse and my buddies arse a bunch. When i bought it, it sounded expensive. Now that ive needed it i would have paid double for it. Bear island is mostly shut down now and besides the permits you have to fight the big money conservationist that dont know their ass from their elbow. They will throw in a million bucks and shut down a 100 trails just so they have something to talk about at dinner. If your ever on the naples side let me know.
ok cool i will :) and are winches better than a buddy or the same? my dad has a 92 toyota pickup with a full exhaust and intake swap and a lift and mud terrain tires. if we both went would i not need a winch? idk if winches are for being towed out and hooking it to someone else's rig or for wrapping the cable around a tree. and the truck is also a 4x4


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