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The odd sized opening in the sound bar makes it kind of difficult to install speakers. The set I had previously installed blew (I figured they would) so I upgraded to some better quality speakers. I went with a set of Rockford Fosgate M262B. These are marine grade speakers and I was sold on the stainless steel grill.
I had Ennis_Electrinics_151 VINYL, NYLON items in Ennis Electronics 151 store on eBay! from Ebay make a set of speaker rings with an OD of 7 ½” and ID of 5 ¼ - ½” mdf. The rings were sanded, primed with 123 primer and then coated with Plasti dip a few times. These fit perfect in the sound bar opening and give more options for speaker installation. I filled the holes from the factory speakers with some plastic epoxy, sanded and then hit it with some flat paint.

I put a sloppy bead of RTV silicone around the opening (the tube malfunctioned) plugged the previous holes, countersunk 3 screws and used the stainless u-nuts provided with the speakers.

New ones and old ones.

These speakers are capable of handling more power from the Punch 400-4 pushing them but unfortunately the sound bar can not. The bass just vibrates the hell out of it even though it’s filled with fill foam and the back of the bar has foam tape on it. The sound bar is just not rigid enough. Switching the amp to high pass so only mid and high go to the speakers solves this problem. I have a sub to provide the lows anyway. They provide much better depth than the other speakers. They do stick out a little more but I don’t mind.

My complete install >
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