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The S.A.J.E. San Antonio Jeep Exclusive will have their Club Social will be at the Sonic Drive-In @ 13114 Nacogdoches just inside Loop 1604 in San Antonio not to far from Rolling Oaks Mall on May 1st at 7:30 pm.

We will have our regular club business meeting at the Chester's Hamburgers on May 16th @ 1006 NE Loop 410 at Broadway in the Party Room at 7:30. We have this meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month except for December.

You might want to look into joining we will be making a Club Run to the Y.O. Ranch later this Spring along with the Austin Jeep Exclusive Club for a lot less then money YO Wheeling events normally cost. It will give you a good chance to run the ranch at a huge savings and you can meet some great folks.

Some Club Event YO Ranch Event Info:

"Kelly Durham and I are putting together a Jeep Exclusive run to the YO Ranch for the June30-July2nd weekend. This will be an informal weekend. We'll cook our own meals and run the trails we want to run.

Prices are as follows:
$35 perday/perdriver/rig($70 wknd:Fri-Sat-Sun)
$10 perday/per passenger($20 wknd:Fri-Sat-Sun)*reguardless of age*
$15 per nite for tentcamping($30 for wknd:Fri-Sat)
$30 per nite RV w/hookups($60 for wknd:Fri-Sat)
$125 per person per nite for guestroom

If you are interested in going; please contact the YO Ranch to register and make arrangements for where you're going to stay. Missy Dreiss/Tourism Director 1-800-YORANCH we need to have at least 6 people to call and confirm they are going
to hold the date so the club doesn't have to cut a check for the ranch. Please also forward your name/number to me and Chris so we can put your name on our list.

Thank you,
Chris & Patty Manire
[email protected]
830-538-2340 home "

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Take a Peek @ The Ranch!!

Here are some of the Pics from the event we
had there last year over the 4th of July Weekend.

Click Here

I’ll put up a link to the 2006 Photos as soon as
We get them up on the JeepTales site.

It’s a Great Property if you looking for a cool
Place to wheel in South Texas.

This Ranch will also be hosting the SW4WDA
Event September 29th – Oct 1st.​

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Tickets go on sale

jeepsrus said:
Man that sounds like fun. I just may have to meet you there the end of September.

June 1st for this event.

There are only 175 spots

I'm sure they will sell out fast.

I willl bring the Beer
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