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Southeast cherokee county

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Hey. I'm in the hickory flat area of south east Cherokee county and was hoping y'all knew of some easy trails my stock 13 sport can handle that are not to terribly far from Woodstock or Milton/Alpharetta? Many thanks.

Just looking to get some off road fun without any risk of hurting my ride...
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It the east end off of Larmon Forks. It's got some good hills and a huge mud pit (which can be avoided). If you go after a rain it's going to be very slick. Don't go alone. There is some debate over legality. The road is fine, just stay on the main portion. Any off shoots are private property.,+Dahlonega,+Lumpkin,+Georgia+30533&t=m&z=16

Also DD Crew is going out this weekend on Sunday, check the other thread.

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this is great! thanks a lot for the info guys. Dont know if i can join this Sunday for a trail ride but I'll try to make it over to the meet up before you guys drive to up north from canton to say hello...
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