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spare tire questions

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Can I run a 29" spare with the rest of the tires being 31"?
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yes but it's essentially worthless if you need it. i'd go without or get a matching size and preferably an exact matching tire.
I have the same setup and I was wondering what would happen if I had to use that spare.
I think you would be screwed if you were on the trail and needed 4wd to get off the trail. Definitely get the same size spare.
Always best to have the same size...if run for any length of time you run the risk of damage... I bought a used "Super Swamper" for my spare...cost me $10.00...not alot of tread left on it and it doest match the make of my other tires..buts its covered by a cover and it WILL get me out of trouble..!! When I replace my current tires I will replace that spare with one of the best ones I take off..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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