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I ran the +4's for about 6 months now. I run these plugs in truck and i was impressed with them. ON the Jeep though it has been a different story. I started having a random idle...jumping from 450-1200 rpm and figured it was tps, AIC, or some other nonsense. After changing everything i decided to change the plugs over to champion. Pulling the bosch ones out i was suprised after 6 months they were completely fouled. After the champions went in it idled as smooth as ever. I did a lil research and several people say the coil packs dont generate enough power to efficiently spark the +4s. Guys with the distributor may not have this problem but they didnt do well in my jeep. I torture mine and put it through hell keep in mind, but jus figured i would share this with ya.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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