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Spedo dies and the engine dies when I brake

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I have a 2000 4.0 TJ. I was overseas for 6 months while the jeep was sitting in a garage. I had someone starting it at least once a month and put in fuel additive. About two weeks of driving, the spedo would die after the engine heated up. When I would come to a stop, the engine would idle too slow and die. Now, the spedo is out most of the time and I get the check engine light if I drive 30 plus miles or so. When I start it up after sitting the check engine light goes out and everything works fine until the engine heats up again.

I had everything checked and the error on the computer was for the spedo being out but the mechanic let the jeep sit too long so it wasn't reproducing the same results.

I've put about 5 cans of fuel injector cleaner to make sure the injectors are clean. I pulled all the relays and fuses out, cleaned the leads and box and reinstalled everything. The transfer case and axels were serviced about 5k miles ago.

When I run the a/c, the a/c unit keeps the engine idleing higher and running...

Does anyone have any thoughts? :confused:
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start checking your sensors, your TPS, IAC, and your speedo sensor.

throw some seafoam down the thorttle body. it might help your idle issue.
5 bucks a can at autozone.

while the motor is running slowly pour a 1/2 can down the throttle body. shut the motor off and let it sit for 10 minutes.
pour the remaining half down the gas tank.

after the 10 minutes is up fire up the motor and watch the smoke show. it will smoke for a long time. once the smoke clears it should run better. Sea foam will clear up all the carbon buildup in the motor.
I've seen people throw seafoam down the oil fill plug (engine) to clean up the gui stuff... Anyhow good luck and keep us updated
Yea you can put it down the oil fill as well, but then you will need to change the oil shortley afterwards. by putting in the oil it cleans up the head, lubricates and frees up sticky valves.
Have you tried using some dry gas? I had the same problem with my TJ after letting it sit in extreme cold with less than a quarter tank of gas. 2 gans of dry gas did the trick. The speedo problem could just be a coincidence.
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