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Hey all! I finally decided to swap out my speedo gear after doing my lift/tires. From all the charts and everything I've seen, I need a 32 teeth gear for my 32" tires. From what I can tell, I have 3.73....its a stock 04 Sport TJ.

Now here's the issue. All the vendors that I usually frequent, list the 32 teeth gear as being for 87-95 wranglers. All the others are listed for 97-04.....but not the 32 tooth one. If it was just one catalog, I'd think maybe typo, but its like 4 different places.

So should I just order the 32 gear and not worry about it, or could i be incorrect on my gearing? The build sheet the dealer printed off for me even had the 3.73. I don't think anything was upgraded when bought by the original owner, it has the dana 35 in the back.
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