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Speedometer not working, cleaned sensor, checked gear. To days later it started working again 馃, then a couple weeks later failed. I replaced the sensor still no joy.
My assumption is it鈥檚 in the dash cluster, but I鈥檓 no mechanic and we all know about assumptions. Would appreciate any advice, might have overlooked something simple 馃槑

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What year? 1987-1990 are cable driven. 1992-1995 are electronic. IIRC, 1991 has a cable and electronic sensor but the speedo head is mechanical.
It sounds like your speedo is electronic. The first thing I'd do is clean all the electrical connections and reassemble them with a dab of dielectric grease on each contact. Check the wiring, especially close to the TC.
For diagnostics, Got it at last has a link in his signature to Jeep Manuals.

Good Luck, L.M.
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