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I have most of the parts together to do a spring over conversion on my YJ. I'm currently running a Rough Country 4" lift and I'm looking for more "compliance" out of my Jeep.

I am using stock YJ springs, an 8.8 with 4.10's and limited slip. I have a SYE and a CV driveshaft. I'm going to run my 33's for now.

I am getting very mixed reviews on running or not running an axle wrap (traction) bar. I've seen the kits out there but don't know if its worth spending the money. I've been told with the spring over perches and my tire size, it won't be a problem. I've been told that with stock springs and no bar, it will wrap immediately. So...

Who out there in spring over land is not using a wrap bar with stock springs?

Who ran without one and ended up having to add one? Did it compromise the spring once it wrapped?

The quicker I get this figured out the quicker I can stop going to my chiropractor after a wheeling trip and discover this strange thing called "flex".:eek:
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