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I have been poking around but haven't found a good answer for this.
I have an 08 JKU with a Smitty bumper and just put an XRC8 winch on it. Otherwise it is stock. It has quite a bit of rake to it now and I was already looking at the teraflex leveling kit to boost it up a bit.
My present springs are 14/59.
I found a set of 2.5" Rubicon Exp springs for the front that I can put on, and/or put the spacers for the leveling.
My perspective is I need stiffer springs for the added weight (may go to 19's if I can find them?) if I don't go with the above set.
How will a 2.5" Rubicon set of springs look since it would be different based on a stock front setup vs. my bumper/winch weight right?
If I have a rake of 2' already due to the soft spring, the RE 2.5" will bring it up just a bit, then maybe just a spacer for the rear?

I guess I need to measure where I am now exactly between the front and rear.

In the end I would like something like the leveling kits 1-2" for some bigger tires.......

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