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A few months ago I decided to install Springtail Solution's Tailgate Panel / tray and have been very happy with that addition to my jeep. Fast forward a few weeks & I decided to integrate a 1gal air tank into my jeep/air setup and wanted a way to secure it along with my recovery kit &/ or Tool bag in my cargo area.

I turned right back to Springtail Solutions as they offer a variety of storage panels / racks for the Jeep & FJ communities. The panel can be seen/purchased here.

They even have an install video to go along with it, which is a nice addition for visual learners like myself. The instructions included with the panel do not include many of the tips and tricks that Doc advises in the video.

Assembly is very straight forward & although the directions are basic, it was very easy to figure out. The install video was icing on the cake. Hardware is high quality & everything is packaged very well & protected with foam wrap and peanuts.

Total install time, including drilling the mounting holes for my VIAIR Tank & installing the air fittings etc, was about 2 hours. I could have even got it done faster had I not installed the tank, but that was my main reason for purchasing this rack.

Overall Results / feedback:
This rack is SOLID. Doc mentions this rack to be the "workhorse" for the JK Line from Springtail Solutions, and I agree. While the Tailgate table is somewhat limited to weight capacities, this rack is very heavy duty and I am very impressed with the fit & finish.

Plus it fits my 1 gal VIAIR tank perfectly. Here are some pics;

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