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Picked up my Jeep from the shop this afternoon after fixing the old engine and having a new ATK 4.0L dropped in. I also had a new clutch put in. Nothing particularly wrong with the old one other than the pedal was really stiff. Call me crazy, but I kinda liked it better when it was like that. Getting used to the new, super-easy-to-push-down clutch. :rolleyes:

Engine's running good. I did encounter an oddity twice while driving on the highway. After putting it into 4th and giving it some decent gas the engine chugged for a couple seconds like it was missing. Did it again another time right after going into 5th. Hasn't done it other than those two times. I figure the computer needs to relearn/adjust what it's doing with the new engine, so I'll give it a few days. Going light on the gas it doesn't do it.

For anyone curious on the price break down from the shop:

-Spark plugs
-upper and lower radiator hoses
-distributor cap
-oil pump screen
-transmission mount
-6 qt motor oil
-oil filter
-clutch kit
-2 gallon antifreeze




Total after tax on the parts: $1,321.60.

Looks like this one came from the VEGE de Mexico division. Hecho, what?

Trying to figure out what that weird smell under the hood is....? Ah, they put engine shine on the fan shroud and injector rail cover. Took me a minute to figure it out--I had to go back a good 13 or so years to when I used to detail cars.. I'm sure that smell hasn't been under the hood in a very long time in my TJ.

314 Posts
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Yeah. I'm taking care of the little oddities.

Hi-Lift was put back on the hood mount backwards.
New zip ties for the winch wires on the grill support.
...they broke the mounting tab on the relay (on the firewall inside the engine bay) for my off-road lights.
Had to re-route the bendable part of the air intake hose back to where it needed to be.
And straightening out the plug wires.
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