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Starting my overhead mount project.

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Was looking for an overhead mounting system for my electronics, and didn't find anything online that I liked that didn't cost way to much for what they were worth.

So, I just bought some 1" pvc pipe and connections and started to build my own for under $20 and an afternoon.

It is roughed together for now till I see what changes I need. So it is all just strapped down to the roll bars with Velcro straps and the tablet holder and phone cradle are just held on with Velcro straps too. It's far enough forward that I can see my tablet and phone with no problem and can still flip down the visors without hitting.

I have some cheap foam pipe insulation that I will wrap it all up with and hide all the wires when I know it all wont fall apart on me.


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Ok, this is bad ass.
Interesting set up. Paint the pipes flat black so they'll blend in better.
Finished up tonight, added a little reinforcement bracket to it and wrapped it up with pipe insulation and tied in with zip-ties.

Pics of bare bones, wrapped, wrapped with gadget holders, and installed.


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Not bad! I do not have experience with piping, so I built mine out of aluminum angle stock, yours looks better honestly.
Honestly it would look better painted flat black as stated above, the foam insulation just reminds me of my central AC unit at home.
Interesting idea. If you were starting over what would you do differently? I tend to agree that flat black paint would look better than the insulation. Why do you need two pipes? If someone makes something like a motorcycle handlebar mount, I would think one pipes would be enough. A smaller diameter piece of tubing could be run inside to stiffen it up, if necessary.
If you don't mind, would you post dimensions/plans? Or just played by ear? Absolutely brilliant idea.
As for dimensions, I just attached the T's to the roll bars to where I wanted them and cut the rest to fit. Typical guy, measure once cut twice. Depending on where you want to mount it to fit your liking, the dimensions will be different. I don't have any plumbing skills at all myself, but pvc pipe is easy to work with. Just think of the old school Erector Sets and use your imagination. I just used a hacksaw to cut things down, and a mallet to attach every thing, and once in a while use a tape measure.

I decided to take off the padding. The phone mount was vibrating to much over our pot hole roads here in town. And started to wrap the whole thing in para-cord. The parts that would have been exposed (elbow and T joints) I just covered with black duct tape (typical guy tool). I didn't want to paint the piping, just because I didn't want it that much pvc pipe in plain view. Personal preference.

I screwed all mounts down to the pipe which made things a little more solid.

I thought about the handle bar mounts, but where I have it positioned the mounts would be right in my face.

Ill try to post pics when I get done para-cording the whole thing. And yes so far it is A LOT of para-cord.
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What apps do you find useful on our iPad? I've always wanted to have an application for mine in the jeep but I haven't found a good use for it
Thanks for the info. I decided to wing it and took a trip to Lowes this morning. I got it all built up, painted in flat black, and mounted in the Jeep. Went out to mount my rooted Kindle Fire HD and use Bluetooth to stream my Google Music. Yeah, Uconnect refuses to work with the Kindle. The only other tablets I have are a 1st gen Kindle, which doesn't have Bluetooth....and an Acer A100, which requires an actual AC adapter to charge instead of being able to charge via USB. Wow my selection in tablets sucks lol.

I did manage to instantly hook up my wife's iPad in seconds. Looks like I'll be in the market for an iPad mini or Nexus 7. At least I know the iPad will work though. Not sure about the Nexus 7.

Anyhow......./soapbox. Thanks for the idea! I can't wait to actually get some device(s) on the thing.

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