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Ok I have no idea if the two or related. I just "finished", and it use the term loosely, my 2.5 to 4.0 swap. I went from a 97 to a 2000. I changed the engine, tranny, engine harness, firewall harness, dash harness. I just put my ecu in last night and it fired right up even without a "SKIM KEY" which I thought was odd. I was for sure that it would shut off after a few seconds but no problems.

but, I have no gauges. All pegged to the left. the oil pressure gauges acts like it want to moves but shortly gives up. I also have no radio or any power to my e fan that i have hooked up to my switched aux power line under the dash.

I did the cluster test where you hold in the odometer reset button and turn the key and all the gauges did there little test. but it all returns to the same thing...nothing. Any ideas?

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