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Steel bumper question

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Hello to all of you, i plan on installing front and rear steel bumpers. Ofcourse this will make the jeep sag quite a bit, but i'm not ready for a lift yet.
Am i right in thinking that putting the coils from a 4 door wrangler in my 2 door is gonna counter the sag? If not what can i do to make the jeep not sag?
Thanks all in advance
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I can't speak from experience, however many of the members on this forum have added the Unlimited springs to their 2-doors and have gotten about 1-2" of height, so I would say, yes you can add the Unlimited springs to counter the weight of your bumpers and you may maintain stock ride height.
Will i need to change any shocks or anything?
Yes, you will change out the shocks and springs. I've been told an alignment isn't necessary, but you may have to recenter the steering wheel, which looks to be quite easy. There are many threads on doing this all. Do a search and you will find the difference in spring rates and height gains.
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