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Steering Column Bushing

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I have a 1993 YJ with no-tilt steering. The steering wheel move slightly when going over small bumps and rattles pretty loud. I checked all my connections and they are tight but I do notice that just before the steering column goes through the fire wall it goes into a sleeve and that seems to be where the rattling is coming from. I believe there is supposed to be a bearing or bushing there to keep it from hitting the sides to the sleeve but can't find any breakdown to tell me exactly what I need. In the attached breakdown the part I am looking for should be somewhere close to part #16 I believe. Any ideas?

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There is an upper and lower steering column bearing. The lower you can get to in the engine bay. Drop the steering gear box bolts let it move an inch and remove the shaft to the box. That at the bottom of the steering column is a small bearing cheap on Ebay.

My parts book shows another bearing in the column #18 and the bottom one is the second picture #12


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