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Sticky Clutch

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Repeatedly this past Saturday in the Pine Barrens my clutch stuck for a few seconds. I would pump it and it would come back. It still made me freak out for a second being 60 miles from home. I have an external slave, and the bleeder on it has been stripped for as long as I have had it. Not sure if all it needs is bleeding or not. I havent tried an EZ-out on it or anything since the metal in plastic make me think I am going to break it. Anyone know the probable cause of this? Should I just swap out the whole master/slave assembly or can I get away with just the slave? Should I try to bleed it first? Glad it is external either way.
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I should also ask another thing. Since I swapped my AX5 for an AX15 with a Dodge Dakota Bellhouse should I buy a Dakota Slave or a Wrangler slave? I dont think they are the same since the dakota bellhouse is longer. If I do that would the slave swap in or would I need the whole assembly?
There is a way to bleed a slave without a bleeder. Take the slave out of the bellhousing and with cap off master point the slave at the floor and hand actuate the piston 10-20 cycles. then take a look at the master refill if needed. Watch for the smallest of bubbles. Cycle again and then top off. Reinstall and should be good to go. After my internal to external conversion the master slave assy was empty and that was in the instructions it came with no bleeder. It is all plastic on the outside crazy I am old school love metal and bleeders. Look at the pic three slaves only one with a valve.

As for parts since it is on a Jeep I would stay with that unless there is something better from the Dakota.


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