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Can someone go over the stock axle sizes for certain years, engine size and transmission?

Say for instance a 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara?

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a 95 sahara has a D30 front axle,and a D35 rear axle.

pre 2007-
the stock front axle for all wranglers is a D30
the stock rear is a D35 with a D44 becoming optional on the TJ.
the exceptions are the LJs(longer wheel base 2004-2006) which came with a D44 rear axle, and the rubicon edition which came with a front and rear D44.

2007 and on come with a D44 rear and a beefed up D30 in front. with rubicons getting both front and rear D44s

hopefully i didnt leave something out, but if i did, im sure some one will chime in.

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I have a post in the TJ/LJ Faq Sticky in the top of the TJ section with all the factory axles for the 97 to 2006 Wrangler with pictures.

As for the YJ and ALL YJ's....they all came stock with only a D30 and D35 rear.

The JK's 2007 to present have completely different D30 D44 axles. (next generation Dana).

As for transmissions...I also have a spec post for the 97 to 2006 transmission sticky in the TJ/LJ faq thread.

Here is another decent ish source for the motors options and other details here.
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