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Well I am one of those people that you people want to know why I have a Jeep for puddle jumping on city streets. Well you see I keep the sh-- stirred up no matter where I go or what I do !!!!!! I was placed on this planet and it was my main task in life. Still is! Even though "hencho en Mexico" I still consider it an American car. I have always modified and built American cars only. I picked this 2011 unlimited for a song and 21000 miles. Now that it is a superior "American" product, I do need advice on drive train stresses and what I can get away with without blowing the engine and the rest of the train. Too bad it is automatic, or am I fooling myself and they are superior as well ? Just advice on what power I can put song the ole' train from front to back and back to the front !

Thanks for your input from all you experienced 4 wheel nuts !

I forgot what name one of you fine people gave, but that who is asking !

Alanwayne !!!!!!!!!!!f
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