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The issue is that I can't do that. Earlier in the year, I got into in accident that ripped my LCA bracket on the axle clean off. I got new ones welded but they did not have the cam bolt. Should I shorten or lengthen the adjustable control arms to fix this issue? When I got an alignment two months ago, I had a caster angle of about +10 degrees if that's useful.
10° is terrible. Your axle is pushed too far forward...whether it's by your adjustable control arms or by a bad welding job - it's possible your control brackets were welded in the wrong position relative to axle rotation.

Stock caster is 7°, control arm lengths should be 15" eye to eye uppers and 15.75" eye to eye on lowers. If you've got anything else going on, you've found your problems.

Again, re-evaluate with stock length lowers. If you've got messed up caster with stock length arms, then your brackets are welded in the wrong positions.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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