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HI All,
I have been upgrading/repairing a 98 tj 4.0 manual. When I bought it, it seemed everything needed repair/replacing. 2-3inch lift with a 1 inch bb.
It seem and only sometimes, that there is a strange vibration between 2k and 3k, mostly with medium to hard acceleration. I think is an injector problem because it only happens sometimes, 40-50% of the time. Or I think it could be a clutch/transmission issue but I find it harder to justify. I know the trans will need a rebuild and the rear main is leaking, but would that cause a vibration? Plus, when I feel the vibration and drop out of gear while still traveling 45mph and then rev up the engine, I can feel the vibe.
So, anybody out there trouble shot a problem like this. Does my logic seem sound on the injector being at fault. Could a leaky trans do this?
Note, I have replaced all control arms, u-joints, installed sye.
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