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Having owned a lot of different vehicles over the last 57 (bought a new '65 VW in the fall of '64) and gone though an awful lot of tires, I have never seen that kind of damage before. The BFG KMs that were mounted on the JK Rubicons and the '17 Chiefs would have a tendency to lose chunk if they were not rotated more frequently than other tires (roughly every 3,000 miles seemed to be the answer), but those were chunks that came off with clear edges, not the deterioration shown in post 1.
I don't think it's sunlight damage as there don't seem to be any cracks in the sidewall where UV damage usually shows up first.

I was thinking of maybe driving through an extremely hot area, almost like a fire area, but in that case all four would have been affected.

Definitely take them to the GY dealer you got them from. If nothing else, GY needs to know about it.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts