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stroker engines

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Had fun this morning, On my way to work this morn, some twinkie in a 05-2010 grand cherokee pulled up next to me in a lane that makes you merge, ah i was not to happy, the light changed i gave some gas to pull out, he floored it passed me on the right as i floored it, well he still is wondering why i caught up to him and had to shut down so he could merge. i was doing 65 @ that time, this meat ball then goes an passess the vehicle in front of us , yes in a turn an no passing zone an takes off, put a major smile on my face when his v8 couldnt touch my wrangler, thanks to ATK AN THEIR 4.7 STROKER ENGINE.... HAPPY DAYS.
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LOL I yield with my 2.5L...but its a different story with my Dodge Dually with the chipped Cummins. People assume it's going to be slow... Same thing, it's a race to squeeze them into the ditch as I have the legal right away. :D
Happens daily...admittedly I had to yield before I got the RIPP supercharger. Glad your stoker is working out. My motor only has 41k miles on it,but when it goes Ill upgrade to the 4.7 Stroker too.

Any dyno numbers? I hope to have some Friday.
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