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Hey thanks for letting me join the group!! :awesome:

I have an older Cj I am in the process of building a stroker motor for
and I have visited many forums without finding the answer or conformation
somebody has used this method.
So I am using the 4.0 head and block with 258 rotations 707 bla bla and the rockers are the concerns, I saw Mojos page on the old style 258 shaft head with the big block Chevy rockers with custom plate to mount them.
Got me thinking....using the 7120 or 0630 head, it seams one could use the 5/16 -18 lower and 7/16 -20 upper rocker studs by crane and top them off with the BBlock Chevy rollers like the Comp Ultra pro magnum Xd's. Guide plates used of course. Crane seems to have some nice ones with poly guides that are serviceable.

Last concern I have is the push rods. When swapping out to the 4.0 head sing block or not one must be using the 4.0 push rods with oilier holes?
Can anybody confirm these thoughts please?
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