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Stuck Steering wheel

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The PO had stuck screws in the hazard switch and turn signal lever. That meant no wipers. I have had the steering wheel off before, but was not ready to work on the other stuff. Simple stuff taking a steering wheel off and putting one back on.

I have tried now, 3x to get the wheel of, using two different pullers. One just bends the bolts when you wrench down on it. At this point, I am no sure it wouldnt be easier to just go get an s10 steering column from a junk yard.

Ever had a steering wheel refuse to budge? What could the problem be?
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I have no idea what is holding the wheel on other than did the PO use something else to hold it in place or is it just rusted on. Hard to believe a puller was bending and the wheel won't come off. You are in deep well I not much help other than take a look it will be something stupid I am sure. If not PB Blaster on the wheelshaft and see if that helps. Best I got.
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