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Sub Enclosure from SuperCrew Sound

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Has anyone purchased a sub enclosure from these guys? Wondering about your experience and the quality of the product.

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My best advice is to build your own. I haven't even heard of this enclosure though, I like the new JL audio setup but it's a bit pricey, and the 13" pounds if your into that. Building your own is easy and allows for endless configurations
What's price coming out to with box and sub and what amp and price tag? Just curious. JL is onpoint but I guarantee your price tag is over 900 easly if it's stealth box JL sub and if u match JL amp for sure

Mattk11's stealth box sub is slamming, literally. Search his posts see if he's got any. Start with a passenger. You won't be disappointed at all. Best money spent, you will impress others.

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I got my box from sub thump. It has 2 10" forward facing cutouts. I put in 2 JL's and a JL amp. Everything all said and done was about 1k. Ill post pics.

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